Amino Burst Powder 360g Tropical Punch Back

Essential Amino acids supplement are great for athletes because they primarily promote protein synthesis in muscle. It provides energy and is known to decrease post-workout soreness, which translates to faster recovery times even after intense and grueling trainings. Essential Amino Acids serve as important fuel sources for skeletal muscle during periods of metabolic stress and are needed for the maintenance of muscle tissue and appear to preserve muscle stores of glycogen. It works on different levels of muscle growth and development. You can buy amino acids online, or better yet get an American Pure Whey’s Essential Amino acid supplement now for a better tasting and easy to mix drink.




Supplement Facts
Instant Amino Acid fuel
Awesome Taste and easy mixing
Contains loads of Essential amino acids which are responsible to build muscle tissue
Consume 10-20 grams with your favorite beverage. Consume two or three times daily
Mix 10-20 grams with 12 oz of water or juice
Tropical Punch
Lemon Lime
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